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About the SPS Membership


How do I join of the Saudi Physical Society?

You join by filling out the online membership application form available on this website.

Are there conditions of the membership? What are the types of membership? How do I choose the right type of membership for me?

1 - Active Member

To become an SPS Active Member, you should meet the following requirements:

·         have an academic degree in physics or a physical science.

·         submit a complete membership application form.

·         pay the annual membership fee.

·         Your application should be approved by the Board of Directors.

2 - Honorary Member

The honorary membership is awarded by the SPS General Assembly to those who have contributed to the development of any area of the society's interest, or have provided financial or patronal support. The honorary member is exempted from the membership fee, can attend the meetings of the General Assembly and the different SPS committees and participate in any discussion within the

3 – Affiliate Member

Which can be given to:

·         Students who are studying for a degree in physics or a physical science.

·         Those working or interested in the physical sciences who do not meet the qualifications specified for the active membership. Under the condition of paying the annual subscription membership fee. The affiliate member can attend the meetings of the General Assembly and the different SPS committees, but is excluded from voting in the society elections. 

How much is the SPS membership fee?         

  • Active membership: SR 100 per year.
  • Affiliate Membership : SR 50 per year.

How long does the SPS membership last?

The membership lasts for one year. A renewal reminder email will be sent to you at the end of the registered year.

What are the benefits of being a SPS member?

   1) You will receive the SPS non-refereed publications                  

    2) You will pay reduced subscription fees when you subscribe to the SPS refereed journals.

   3) You will get reduced registration fees when you register for the SPS scientific meetings, seminars and courses.

   4) You can present your research at the annual SPS meeting.

In addition, SPS is planning to add more benefits that will be announced soon, God willing.

What should I do as a SPS member?

You should engage in the various activities of the society.





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