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Published By: Amal Alharthi
Date: 4/11/2016 8:02:06 PM

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Monthly bulletin

Monthly bulletin


Opening Statement

Dear readers, it is my pleasure to write those words in this historical moment where our country confidentlyis stepping into creating an economic based on knowledge, and as known, physicists are always present when it comes to evolutions based on knowledge and scientific research. Therefore, it has become critical and essential for everyone to be up to the task assigned to them and understand their role and its impact on our nation and our youth on whom we rely -after theGod- in making the future and be the change we are looking for under our great leadership.

Finally, I would like to seize this opportunity to point out that our board of directors are working hard on determining the SPS’s priorities of the next three years, which will be referred to the general assembly to look into.

Chairman of the board

Dr. Hamed Al-Qarni

Special Congratulation

SPSis pleased to extend its warmest congratulations to Mrs. MahaAlMutairi for becoming in charge of the student section, wishing her all the best.

SPS Board of Directors Holds its Second Meeting

SPS board of directors heldits second meeting in its fifth period on Wednesday, March30, 2016, in the presence of the chairman of the board Dr.Hamed Al-Qarni and the board members, to discuss and follow up on the board achievements and assignments. The meeting was started by Dr. Al-Qarni welcoming the members and thanking them for coming. Then, Dr. Zain Yamani outlined how to set up the half-year plan for the society. Recognizing the importance of scientific meetings in promotingeducation, the general scientific meetings of theSPS were the subject of a subsequent discussion. The board recommended that a primary proposals of the forum preparations be forwarded to be discussed.

On the topicof recruitingnew qualified members to work with SPS, the board recommended that Mrs. MahaAlMutairiis assigned as in charge of the society students section. The meeting was ended by discussing some of Mrs. SuhairAlGhamdi suggestions for the society membership form. Then the chairman of the board thanked the members for their attendance and their great effortsmade to improve and promote their society.

Saudi Students winning first places in Gulf Physics Olympiad

Saudi Arabia stole the first four places of the first Gulf Physics Olympiad in held in Riyadh from the 10 to 15 Jumada II – 1437H. The Saudi team won two golds and two silver medals.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences in SamtahOrganizesan Exhibition Titled “ALook into the future”

With the presence of the vice president of Jazan University Dr. Abdullah Al-Hussein, the first scientific exhibition a Look into the Future was launched at the college of arts and sciences in Samtah. The exhibition aims to spread the scientific culture among the community, and prepare the students for the professional and scientific future to help and contribute to the human prosperity. Visitors learned about the latest scientific discoveries in different fields, including the astronomy corner which showed the latest astronomical developments and applications. The corner of Islamic scientists of the golden agewas, also, an attraction where visitors learned about the discoveries of Islamic scientists and theirlasting impact on the humanity. Then, the visitors were shown, inthe environmental pollution corner,some of the methodsused to spot the environmental contaminators and the proper ways to treat them. At the corner of the scientific applicationsin the industry, students showed some of their projects which involve perfumes and soaps and how they are made. Likewise, at the energy corner, the students manifested the importance ofclean energythrough live applications of solar energy and wind energy. Then, it was the technology corner which shed light on some recent technologies, like nanotechnology and plasma, as an alternative solution for some complex techniques. At the corner of the scientific miraculous of the Holy Qur’an and Traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him,  the students didn’t forget to cite some quotes consistent with scientific discoveries and phenomena revealed recently. Finally, visitors ended with watching the Nobel-winning scientists at the Nobel Prize corner. The exhibition organizers thanked Dr. Ayesha Areeshi, the college dean; Ms. ZakyahModkhali, Physics Laboratory Technician and Ms. MunaKhalifa, a faculty member ofthe Chemistry department, for their help in modeling scientific theories.

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